Customer Relationship Managment

Sunwave CRM was designed from the ground up to address the needs of the Substance Abuse Treatment Centers.

Track Leads and Opportunities

Sunwave CRM keeps track of all interactions from the first phone call, all the way until the patient is admitted.

Run and Monitor Campaigns

With Sunwave CRM you can run EMail, Text Messages, Phone, and Other types of Campaigns.

Stay Connected

With Sunwave CRM you have control of multiple channels of communication with your opportunities: Text, EMail, Phone, and others.

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Sunwave CRM Features:

Powerful Forms Customizations

Track any field you consider relevant for your Opportunities. Face Sheet, Verification of Benefits, Pre-Admission, and other Substance Abuse related forms.

Constant Communications

Sunwave CRM provides the ability to route phone calls to your agents. Have multiple phone numbers per marketing channel. Track what phone numbers are being dialed for each opportunity. Measure the effectiveness of each campaign. Route the phone call to the right agent. Whisper prior to engaging someone in a conference call, or transfering the call.

Part of the Sunwave Platform

Leverage the power of the Sunwave Platform. Has a lead been in treatment in your center before? What were the main conditions that were treated in their last admission? Have all the information you consider relevant in front of your admissions team to ensure a smooth admission process. Information on their clinical condition, their insurance plan requirements, and more.

Multiple Channels Reporting

Connect with your Patients via multiple channels: EMail, Text Messages, Phone Calls, and others. Keep track of their interactions and be there when they need your help. On top of that, get the business intelligence you need to understand how your marketing dollars are working for you. Access great reporting features.