The Healthcare industry is suffering a major transformation. This couldn’t be less the case for the Substance Abuse Treatment industry.

In the past, it was sufficient to just focus on passing audits from DCF, or your state regulatory entity.

Recently, different treatment centers started to be concerned about Joint Commission, and CARF.

Moving forward, just passing an audit, will not be enough for a Treatment Center Success.

The insurance companies are getting harder in reimbursing for services, and at the same time acquiring new clients/patients is becoming a real challenge.

The only way an Addiction Treatment Center will be able to survive, and be a successful business will be having full visibility into all it’s processes, with transparency.

Keeping real time tracking of Key Performance Indicators in the only way moving forward.

These Key Performance Indicators have been in use in other industries for years.

The Substance Abuse Treatment Centers haven’t have the tools to allow them understand the different factors affecting their business.

That’s were the Sunwave’s vision comes into play. The Sunwave Platform brings you the visibility into the different aspects of your business. Having your opportunities, referral sources, phone records, medical and clinical treatment, outcomes reporting, human resources, together with billing and collections in one database, allow you to get the answers to the questions that you have, to allow you to make the right decisions every single time.

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