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Sunwave Reports Explosive Growth for 2018, Sets Record-Breaking Pace in 2019

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Sunwave Reports Explosive Growth for 2018, Sets Record-Breaking Pace in 2019

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (PRWEB) March 11, 2019 –– Leading software provider for substance abuse treatment centers Sunwave is pleased to announce that it achieved more than 500 percent sales growth in 2018. The company’s explosive growth is projected to continue into 2019 as evidenced by a record-breaking 25 percent revenue increase in the first quarter of this year.

Developed specifically for the substance abuse treatment center industry, Sunwave’s state-of-the-art platform quickly emerged as the preferred choice for facilities looking for an all-in-one enterprise-level EMR software solution. Sunwave is currently the only technology provider that enables treatment centers to efficiently manage their Customer Relationship Management, Electronic Medical Records, and Revenue Cycle Management under one comprehensive platform.

“We are excited to see that more and more treatment centers are making the switch to Sunwave,” said Jay Rosen, Sunwave Owner and Chief Financial Officer. Unlike our competitors, who offer only a patchwork of siloed solutions, Sunwave’s fully unified platform enables providers to be more efficient, nimble, and responsive to their patients’ needs, which is vital for treatment center success in today’s rapidly changing healthcare industry.

“2018 has been a great year for both Sunwave and our new clients, as well as older and we look forward to an even greater 2019!”

Known for its innovative features and superior reporting capabilities, Sunwave enables providers to measure treatment outcomes for their entire patient population and analyze the data based on a variety of different factors. The platform’s Patient Journey capability allows therapists to link their notes from each treatment to the patient’s overall treatment plan, enabling them to see a detailed map of the patient’s progression through treatment.

In recognition of its high level of customer service and technical support capabilities, Sunwave also recently received the prestigious Support Center Certification by HDI, the leading provider of specialized training and testing for IT support and service management professionals. Unlike many other software providers, 100 percent of Sunwave’s customer support team is based in the United Sates, and the company is proud to be contributing to the nation’s job market.

About Sunwave

Sunwave is a leading technology provider for substance abuse treatment facilities. Its unified platform includes substance abuse EMR, CRM, and RCM software. Built from the ground up for the addiction treatment industry, Sunwave empowers treatment centers to manage all of their operations in a single, unified platform. With the powerful reporting capabilities of Sunwave, users are able to make informed decisions that position their businesses and patients for success. To learn more, visit: