The Best Technology for Behavioral Health

Electronic Medical Records

Sunwave’s EMR provides your team a secure, reliable platform to manage all of your patient care. Manage documentation, signatures, medications, group notes, and more. Our EMR helps you stay compliant and optimize your treatment plans, giving your patients the best chance of a successful recovery.

It’s not just patient records & treatment plans…

Let’s explore some of the features of how
Sunwave’s comprehensive EMR helps behavioral health providers.


Security and privacy are a primary focus for Sunwave – every module in our platform is HIPAA compliant and hosted in the cloud with redundancy for maximum reliability.


Your team members will love the easy-to-use interface that helps them complete treatment plans, manage medication, and maintain compliance.


Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, Sunwave’s fully responsive platform has got you covered. Switch from PC to tablet to mobile and always have a great user experience.


Get a 360° view of the patient lifecycle and ad-hoc reporting on any field in any form. See patients’ medication history, identify out-of-range vitals, and understand capacity.

Electronic Medical Records

Your patient’s information flows naturally from one form to the next so there’s no need to ask the same questions to the patient again and again. Reduce the pain and time of admission and allow your patients to receive the treatment that they need quickly and efficiently.

If your patient was admitted before, the information of the patient also flows from the prior admissions. Your team can just focus on the areas that have changed and getting your patient back on the road to recovery.

Full Patient Lifecycle

Understand the entire patient lifecycle with patient information that flows seamlessly through the platform.
Patient information flows seamlessly from one form to the next creating a better experience for your patients.
Readmit prior patients easily and efficiently, only updating areas that have changed over time and maintaining the historic information.
With information at your fingertips, you can optimize your treatment plans to create long-lasting success.

Medication Management​

Ensure that you maintain compliance with patient engagement which allows you to manage the form completion, signature, and record keeping all online.
Review at all the medications each patient has taken in a month in a single screen.
View medication justifications at a glance and understand why each was prescribed for that individual.
Sunwave alerts your team on what medications have been administered, and when a medication is out of schedule to minimize errors.

Auditing & Alerts

With all the regulations in behavioral health, you can rest assured that you’ll stay compliant.

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