See How Sunwave Helped Aion Health Centers Evolve to Meet Customer Needs

AION Health Group originally managed operations with a variety of systems, which created many challenges – limited visibility, manual effort, difficult interfaces, and multiple platforms to manage and maintain.

In 2016, a facility within AION Health Group was introduced to Sunwave. With a comprehensive platform and a 360° view of the patient lifecycle, the choice was simple – it was time to implement a new solution.

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Get a 360° View of
Your Operations & Patient Lifecycle.

With Sunwave, all of your data resides in one data store – giving you reliable, trustworthy visibility across every operation and step in the patient journey. From admissions through recovery and alumni management, you can gain insights across each vertical.


  • Customize your own forms or use our library of forms
  • Implement a seamless QA process with automated auditing
  • Effectively manage medication and approvals
  • Conveniently manage group objective notifications with mass updates


  • Treat your patients virtually anywhere and anytime
  • High-quality video & audio
  • One-to-one or many participants at once


  • Manage forms, signatures, and payments in one dashboard
  • Communicate with clients or prospects via text message


  • Simplify your admissions process
  • Understand the effectiveness of your marketing with true ROI
  • Run comprehensive VOBs faster
  • Understand admission rep performance


  • Identify gaps in meeting UR authorization criteria
  • Ensure clean claims & reduce denials with a validation engine.
  • Improve your collections and revenue by tracking real-time.


  • Track and monitor the success of your patients
  • Identify areas of concern faster and easily readmit when necessary

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