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Minimize Errors, Protect Data, & Increase Revenue with Sunwave

Our enterprise EMR software for substance abuse treatment ensures:

  • All data is HIPAA-compliant, protected, secure, and accessible around-the-clock
  • Fewer errors leading to less wasted time or inaccurate billing and insurance claims
  • Information can be tracked and sorted to allow for data-driven decisions
  • Care and treatment are delivered more quickly and more accurately, leading to better patient outcomes

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A Comprehensive Platform to Optimize Your Behavioral Health Facility

EMR, CRM, RCM, Alumni Management, and Telehealth

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Our behavioral health software provides Electronic Medical Records, Customer Relationship Management, Revenue Cycle Management, and Alumni Management solutions built for substance abuse treatment centers and behavioral health facilities, including those with telehealth capabilities.

The platform manages the entire process from lead capture to admissions to collections. Have the information in front of you in real-time, unified in one place, to maximize results. No need to move data from one system to another.

Better Records Means Improved Patient Outcomes and Greater Revenue

Sunwave’s enterprise EMR for substance abuse treatment allows you to manage documentation, signatures, medications, telehealth, group notes, and more. Sunwave’s reliable platform helps you stay compliant and optimize your treatment plans, giving your patients the best chance of a successful recovery.

Why Choose EMR for Substance Abuse Treatment from Sunwave?

360° view of your operations with one data source that allows your team to run reports across CRM, EMR, RCM, and Alumni.

Effectively manage medication by having the ability to submit scripts directly, get administration or out of schedule alerts, and sign approvals.

Guarantee your treatment facility maintains compliance with auditing of form signatures and automated alerts.

Track and monitor the success of your patients after their program completion.

Better processing and collections rates with a billing validation engine ensures your claims are clean.

Get support from industry experts with Sunwave’s team of behavioral health technology veterans.

Why continue with a less effective system that is compromising data integrity and revenue? Contact us to schedule a demo.


Help Your Patients

Receive attend individual or group sessions anywhere and anytime with Sunwave’s comprehensive telehealth platform
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