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Elite on Their Own

EMR, CRM, RCM, Telehealth, Alumni | Better Together.

The Sunwave platform offers every module you’d ever need to effectively run your facility and deliver exceptional patient care. Implement one, implement multiple, or implement them all. Each module is elite on its own, but they are better together – same interface, same data source, same ease-of-use.

Every module in the Sunwave platform is HIPAA-Compliant, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-use. Most importantly, with all your data in one source, you’ll have reporting that can deliver insights across the full patient lifecycle, at your fingertips.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)​

Efficient Admissions

Workflows and the admission checklist help your team members efficiently onboard new patients.

Track Referral Sources

Understand where your new opportunities originated from and measure the success of your partnership efforts.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Measure true ROI by associating data from the RCM to your originating sources, whether they are referral partners or campaigns.

Communicate Effectively

With emails, calls, and two-way text messaging you can communicate with your opportunities in the methods they prefer.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


Patient information flows seamlessly from one module and form to another, preventing duplication of efforts.

Medication Management

Effectively manage medication and justifications in one easy-to-use interface.

Auditing & Alerts

Ensure that your facility stays compliant with the variety of regulations in place, with automated auditing and alerts from Sunwave.


Collaborate as a team using Sunwave’s unique waves. Message other team members and keep the communication alive.


High-Quality Interactions

HD video and high quality audio on the Telehealth mobile app give you and your patients the opportunity to engage effectively, even from a distance.

Patient Engagement

Send forms and payment requests to patients all online. Complete documentation including signatures all online.

Automated Reminders

Schedule automated email or text message reminders of upcoming appointments at specific intervals such as 1 hour before or 1 day before.

Payment Processing

Submit payment requests to patients online where they can process credit cards, ACH payments, PayPal, and more.

Alumni Management

Maintain Relationships

Check-in on prior patients and ensure they are supported in the ways they need.

Contact Touchpoints

Establish a process for contact touchpoints and help your team support not only the patients inside your facilty, but those who have left it.

Progress Reports

Understand the effectiveness of your treatment and report on the progress of your former patients.

Effective Outcomes

Achieve what we all set out to do, deliver better patient care. Alumni management helps you do that far beyond treatment.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Clean Claims

Sunwave’s validation engine helps you submit clean claims and receive payments faster.

Utilization Review

Get a comprehensive view of individual and group therapy minutes

Optimize Efforts

A comprehensive view of your processed and outstanding claims helps your team prioritize their efforts.

Understand Profitable Sources

With all your data in one source, you can easily report on your most successful sources in order to leverage those further.