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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers


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Sunwave Helps Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Drive Healthy Results

Patient Outcomes Rely on Data

Sunwave delivers a unified platform that eases documentation and answers clinical and operational questions, leading to better outcomes. We provide client and referral tracking, electronic medical records, billing, patient engagement tools, and an advanced analytic engine to deliver immediate visibility into performance and risk.

What Sunwave means for Substance Use Disorder Providers:

increased marketing ROI

faster intake

increased conversion

increased clinical productivity

increased patient retention

higher collections

Stop wasting hours trying to find answers hidden in data. Get the information you need to optimize your center.

In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 addiction providers reported significant staffing challenges within their organization. Three-quarters of those providers reported substantial impacts on their ability to take on new patients. Yet nearly a third are manually combining clinical, financial, and operational data to manage their centers. Another 20 percent use a homegrown solution to drive business insights; an alarming 16 percent cannot connect data across the patient journey.

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