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Sunwave’s telehealth solution offers a unique platform that can host individual or group sessions, with options for form completion, document signatures, and payment collection, all in a mobile-friendly environment that’s HIPAA-compliant. Start delivering the best in patient care anytime and anywhere.

It’s not just HD Video & High-Quality Audio…

Let’s explore some of the features of Sunwave’s comprehensive telehealth solutionfor behavioral health providers.


Security and privacy are a primary focus for Sunwave – every module in our platform is HIPAA compliant and hosted in the cloud with redundancy for maximum reliability.


Your team members will love the one-stop dashboard that helps them manage sessions, update schedules, and send forms or payment requests for completion.


With Sunwave, you’re not limited to one-on-one video chat. Host group sessions with unlimited participants or individual sessions for therapy and more.


Send your patients forms to complete or documents to sign online. Your team will have full tracking of opens and completions.

Telehealth Creates A New Mode of Care

Offer your patients more freedom and flexibility with telehealth as an additional mode of care. For example, if you have a patient under the weather, they can still join sessions online and not expose others.

Telehealth brings a new level of convenience to individual and group sessions and it also creates more efficiency, eliminating travel and setup between sessions. And with Sunwave’s Telehealth platform you’ll have all the documentation and management tools in one platform, one login.

Patient Reminders

When offering telehealth as a solution to continue care, you’ll see increased engagement by sending your patients reminders of their upcoming sessions.
Schedule automated text message reminders or emails for upcoming sessions.
Select intervals prior to the session, such as 1 hour prior, 1 day prior, or 7 days.
Send to individuals or groups of individuals to make your efforts more efficient.
Customize messages to match your branding and communication preferences.

Documentation & Forms

Ensure that you maintain compliance with patient engagement which allows you to manage the form completion, signature, and record keeping all online.
Have patients complete form fields and provide an official signature electronically.
Send consent to treat, confidentiality agreements, program rules, and more to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation prior to a telehealth session.
Create envelopes for patients that contain a multiple forms and documents.
View the opens, completions, and acceptances of each form with date and time stamps recorded.
Rest easy knowing that forms are automatically associated to the patient file in Sunwave’s EMR.

Payment Processing

With Sunwave’s comprehensive telehealth solution, you can manage the full process from forms through payment.

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