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Customer Relationship

Sunwave’s unified platform includes customer relationship management (CRM) to track and understand your clients better. With access to billing information in your Sunwave platform, you can determine true ROI from each of your campaigns and referral sources.

It’s not just patient names &

Let’s explore some of the features of Sunwave’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for behavioral health providers.


Security and privacy are a primary focus for Sunwave – every module in our platform is HIPAA compliant and hosted in the cloud with redundancy for maximum reliability.


Your team members will love the workflow kanban board, which provides a unique bird’s-eye view of where your opportunities are in the funnel.


Sunwave’s CRM has visibility into the billing by referral partner and campaign, giving you a true picture of your return on investment.


Understand your campaigns, marketing performance, admission representative production, and onboarding outlook with Sunwave’s dynamic reporting.

Relationship Management with a Complete View of Performance

With Sunwave’s CRM you’ll understand your opportunities better, track the important contacts related to your potential patients, and have all the details about their referral source.

With the easy-to-use workflows, your team can seamlessly move patient information through each stage of the opportunity funnel and have a birds-eye view of your funnel as a whole. More importantly, with billing information tied back to the original opportunity and referral source, you’ll have insight to key performance metrics.

Efficient Admissions

Sunwave helps make your admissions process more efficient by tracking all the client details and seamlessly maintaining those details through the entire patient lifecycle.

Eliminate duplication of effort across teams with easy transfer of records from CRM to EMR.

Run comprehensive verification of benefits online through our partnership with VerifyTX.

Understand your admission representative performance across the opportunity funnel.

Identify areas of improvement in your workflow from opportunity to admission.

Measurable Campaigns

Create your campaigns and referral sources in Sunwave and track back the processed claims and collections. This will give your team true ROI on marketing efforts.

Track admissions with a variety of referral sources and campaign sources.

Attribute and measure revenue by source, allowing your team to identify the most worthwhile sources.

Dynamic reporting allows you to analyze your campaign and agent performance in a variety of ways.

Effective Communications

Connect with your contacts in the ways they wish to communicate. Sunwave’s platform allows your team to manage communications all in one place.

  • Call tracking integrations give you the ability to measure referral sources and campaigns.
  • Send emails, log calls, add activities or tasks, and track all your communications in one place.
  • Two-way text message integration gives your team the ability to have conversations via SMS, all tracked with history in the patient record.
  • With the admissions checklist and workflows, you can give your team the tools to keep communication flowing in the right steps.