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Behavioral Health Providers

Sunwave Helps Behavioral Health Providers Drive Healthy Results

Sunwave delivers a patient-centered, results-focused platform. There are no disparate applications or data sources. You work seamlessly across critical administrative, clinical, and billing systems. And your data is your data—there are no fees or roadblocks to access.

Your Patients’ Health Depends on Your Practice’s Health

Behavioral health providers rely on Sunwave because we deliver the technology you need. We don’t oversell, and we don’t penalize you for growing the number of patients you treat.

We also provide native data visualizations that are easy to access, understand, and action. Our commitment to behavioral health providers is to help you answer the questions that lead to better outcomes for your clinicians and your patients.

What Sunwave means for Behavioral Health Providers

Lower risk to your margins and revenue. Get the clinical and operational insights you need to drive better outcomes.

Behavioral health providers face increased scrutiny and pressure to deliver results, persistent staffing shortages, reimbursement disparities, an increase in out-of-network/self-pay patients, and a drive toward value-based care and at-risk models that increase reporting and analysis demands on providers. Everyone is asking for more, and expecting it done with less.

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