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The behavioral health industry is dedicated to providing care and services to individuals with mental illnesses and/or substance abuse disorders. However, the industry is growing more and more competitive each year as new firms enter the market and government regulations change and grow. Having the right behavioral health treatment tools improves the delivery of services to patients and overall operational efficiency.

Sunwave Health offers an integrated and comprehensive behavioral health software platform to increase clinical and financial efficiency for any behavioral health facility. Having the best technology for behavioral health treatment ensures a competitive business advantage but also confers optimized treatment services to patients and significantly reduces inefficiencies in the workplace.

Our behavioral health software provides technological solutions built for substance abuse treatment centers and behavioral health facilities. The platform manages the entire process from lead capture, to admissions, to collections. Have the information in front of you in real-time, unified in one place, to maximize results—no need to move data from one system to another. Call 561.576.6037 today to schedule a demo.

Sunwave Provides Behavioral Health Treatment Tools that Improve Your Bottom Line

Our software comprises six modules that work seamlessly in one comprehensive and integrated platform. Every module in our platform is HIPAA compliant and hosted in the cloud with redundancy for maximum reliability. With everything in one place, it allows for data-driven decision-making, leading to more clinically and operationally effective outcomes.

  • Customer Relationship Management – Track and understand your clients better, gain insights into leads and referrals, and determine true ROI from your campaigns and referral sources.
  • Electronic Medical Records – Manage documentation, signatures, medications, group notes, and more. We help you stay compliant and optimize your treatment plans, giving your patients the best chance of a successful recovery.
  • Telehealth and Patient Engagement – Our telehealth solution provides a platform that can host individual or group sessions, with options for form completion, document signatures, and payment collection, all in a mobile-friendly environment that’s HIPAA-compliant.
  • Revenue Cycle Management – Our RCM module allows your billing team to process better claims, optimize their collections efforts, give you more transparency into your revenue cycle, and tie back return to campaigns and referral partners.
  • Finance – Whether you’d like reports for management to receive insights that drive better decisions or need to share financial health with lenders or investors to secure additional capital for future growth, our financial module delivers a solution for behavioral health accounting needs.
  • Alumni Management – Our alumni management solution helps your team engage with your prior patients on a regular basis with coordinated touch points and progress reports. Identify patients who may need intervention sooner and get them back on the path to recovery.

Hear From Our Clients

"Sunwave has empowered us to quickly identify and implement improvements in our business that have greatly increased client satisfaction and the viability of our business"

The Benefits of Technology for Behavioral Health Treatment

The use of technology in behavioral health treatment is not a new concept. For years, electronic medical records (EMRs) have been used to document patient progress and store important information. However, there are a number of other specialized behavioral health treatment tools that are increasingly expected in modern healthcare:

  • Patient portals: Patient portals give patients 24/7 access to their medical information, including test results, appointment schedules, and medication lists. They can also be used to communicate with their provider between appointments.
  • Mobile apps: Mobile apps can be used for various purposes, including symptom tracking, appointment reminders, and providing resources and support.
  • Telehealth: Telehealth allows clinicians to connect with patients via video conferencing for appointments, group sessions, and more. This is an excellent option for patients who live in rural areas or have difficulty leaving their homes for appointments.

Technology can improve the quality of care that patients receive and help clinicians to provide more personalized treatment plans. In addition, reducing human error and eliminating redundancy leads to increased operational efficiency and a more robust bottom line. With our comprehensive software platform, Sunwave Health can meet your needs and position you for future competitive excellence.

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