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Sunwave for Clinical Directors

If you’re a clinical director in a behavioral health facility or substance abuse treatment center, Sunwave Health helps optimize, automate, and streamline your responsibilities. With Sunwave Health’s technology for behavioral health treatment, your clinical operations can achieve new levels of efficiency.

By incorporating customer relationship management (CRM) systems, working with efficient electronic medical records (EMR), and embracing revenue cycle management (RCM) and telehealth, Sunwave Health for clinical directors can save significant amounts of time and help grow their facility’s revenues.

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Tools for Behavioral Health Clinical Directors

The Sunwave Health platform can help ensure your facility’s stability and continued growth. If you’re looking for a new platform to implement into your organization, this might be the perfect solution for you.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Sunwave platform has a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) module to track and understand your clients better. You’ll be able to see all your clients, track recent appointments, review when they contacted your facility, and much more. Some of the CRM advantages are:

Workflows and Admissions Checklists

You can increase the efficiency of your admissions process through the workflows and admissions checklists offered within Sunwave Health’s CRM. This module allows you to aggregate your patient details in one location and maintain those details throughout the entire patient lifecycle. This module can run comprehensive verifications of benefits and identify which parts of your admissions workflow could be improved upon.

Referral Source Tracking

Most healthcare and medical facilities have a patient referral system, but oftentimes, the tracking within these systems is challenging to use or outdated. Now you can track admissions through various campaign and referral sources based on how you set up your campaign. The tracking process is easy to use and simple to understand.

Measure True Return on Investment

The Sunwave CRM module allows your facility to track your true ROI on your marketing efforts. You’ll be able to attribute revenue by source and let your team identify which marketing efforts or admissions sources are most worthwhile.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

The EMR system provided by Sunwave is secure, reliable, and versatile. You can manage your signatures, documentation, medications, group notes, and much more. If your facility wishes to stay compliant and ensure your treatment plans are optimized, Sunwave’s EMR is the ideal solution. Consider a few of the many advantages provided:

Embrace a Patient-Centric System

The goal of Sunwave Health is to help facilities give patients the best chance of successful recovery and outcomes. When working with electronic medical records, your patient’s information will naturally flow from one form to the next, allowing you to save time and reduce the number of questions you repetitively ask the patient.

Effective Medication Mangement

Ensure your facility has full compliance by incorporating patient engagement into your process. This allows you to manage all the record-keeping, signatures, and form completions online. You’ll be able to review all the medications that patients have taken within the past month on a single screen. Additionally, you’ll be presented with all medication justifications and know exactly why each medication was prescribed.

Alerts & Auditing

Behavioral health has a large number of regulations and compliance requirements, so the Sunwave platform has various features built in to help you stay compliant. You’ll be able to seamlessly implement a quality assurance (QA) process within your organization and use Sunwave’s EMR alerts to notify you when certain forms are due in order to ensure compliance.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Managing your revenue lifecycle has never been easier with Sunwave Health’s RCM module. Your team will be able to process claims more efficiently, optimize all of your collections efforts and understand where your highest revenues and profits are coming from. Some of the specific advantages include:

Claim Validation

Verify all the claims your facility sends out, and ensure they are clean in order to get paid quickly. Using Sunwave’s validation engine, you can automatically split hours across multiple claims based on custom rulesets you create on an insurance provider basis.

Track Profit Sources

Track which referral sources or campaigns most of your profit is coming from. Help your team prioritize the most effective parts of your outreach or marketing by understanding what is working best.


The rate of implementation for telehealth has been rapidly growing in recent years. For ultimate simplicity, the Sunwave platform has telehealth solutions built right into the platform. You can easily host a group session or an individual telehealth session. You’ll be presented with options to incorporate form completion, payment collection, and document signatures into each telehealth visit. Consider these optimal advantages:

More Than Just HD Video and High-Quality Audio

While the Sunwave telehealth system has high-definition audio and video, the platform is much more. Sunwave Health has built a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use platform that your patients will appreciate. Easily communicate with your patients and quickly access and complete all required forms and documentation.

Automated Patient Reminders

When you remind your patients about their upcoming telehealth visit, you’re more likely to see increased attendance and engagement. With the Sunwave telehealth system, you’ll be able to schedule automated reminder text messages, specify the delivery and reminder intervals of these messages, and customize your messaging.

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If you have questions about Sunwave Health’s behavioral health software platform, please reach out. Alternatively, you can schedule a demo and see how our product can benefit your business. Call 561.576.6037 today, or contact us online. At Sunwave Health, we drive healthy results!