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Tailored Software Solutions for Avenues Recovery Center


I’d like to know about the typical day-to-day tasks your end users perform in your EMR—documentation, assessments, group and individual therapy sessions, etc. It’s clear that regardless of how intuitive Sunwave may or may not be, documentation remains a critical function for your staff. What if we offered a solution that streamlined this process? It might just redefine ‘ease of use’ for them, while drastically reducing your compliance risk.

Consider the time it takes to summarize findings in complex assessments like the BPS, H & P, Nursing Screen—often up to 60 minutes per encounter. And think about the narratives required after every group/individual session. Hours every week. When was the last time you saw a narrative that truly impressed you, or felt fully prepared you going into an audit based on your staff’s documentation? Documentation is a significant challenge, but MARA, our patent-pending AI, is changing that.

With over 100,000 narratives already generated, MARA is not ChatGPT, it’s not an integration, it’s our own LLM, and all data remains within Sunwave. And we’re continuously improving it.

Below, you’ll find a few GIFs showcasing MARA’s capabilities—some currently available and others soon to be released.

Video Examples:

Treatment Plans:

Explore MARA’s robust capabilities in this video, where it meticulously analyzes all chat interactions, documentation, and diagnostic information. MARA identifies key issues and outlines necessary goals, objectives, and interventions required for effective treatment planning. This comprehensive analysis ensures that nothing is overlooked, streamlining the treatment planning process significantly.

MARA, AI Agent:

Get a sneak peek at our forthcoming feature with MARA, our AI agent, in this preview. This powerful tool is designed to assist during concurrent reviews by answering related queries instantly, saving you time otherwise spent navigating through extensive charts. Before you even start your review call, MARA compiles all pertinent information, ensuring you are well-prepared and informed.

Group Session Clinical Narrative:

Watch how MARA transforms the documentation of group therapy sessions. Typically, clinicians might struggle to individualize notes for each patient, often resulting in repetitive summaries. With MARA, each patient’s information and their participation in the group are analyzed to produce distinct, compliant documentation that truly reflects individual experiences and contributions.

Biopsychosocial Narrative Summary:

Discover how MARA simplifies one of the most time-consuming tasks in clinical documentation. After a clinician conducts a thorough 60-90 minute biopsychosocial assessment, summarizing the findings can add up to an additional 45 minutes to their workload. MARA alleviates this by automatically generating a concise, comprehensive narrative summary from the full biopsychosocial assessment, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

If you would like to see more.  Please reach out to Jeff and Schedule a Demo.