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Best Practices for Behavioral Health Staffing

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Having the right software tools for behavioral health treatment centers is critical to caring for your patients in the best way possible, but the most paramount concern for your organization is and will likely always be behavioral health staffing. Finding, recruiting, and employing trustworthy, compassionate, and skilled mental health professionals will be the metric that tilts your business toward long-term success in patient care. This means that locating the right staff for a behavioral health treatment center is your number one job. Contact Sunwave Health today online or by calling us at 561.576.6037 to learn about how our software tools for behavioral health treatment centers can help your stellar staff work even better as they care for your patients today and tomorrow.

Best Practices for Behavioral Health Staffing

Healthcare providers know that the overwhelming issue of the day is staff recruitment and retention. In fact, the American Hospital Association recently called the workforce shortage a “national emergency.” And the situation is only getting worse. According to a 2022 Elsevier Health survey found, 47% of U.S. healthcare workers, including those working in behavioral health, plan to leave their current role within the next two to three years. The daily demands of the job, along with the antiquated technology often used in behavioral health, are driving good people away from important work right at the very moment when they are needed the most, as America faces an ongoing opioid epidemic and a mounting mental health crisis.

The solutions to this behavioral health staffing conundrum may seem obvious, but that doesn’t mean the solutions are easy or can be implemented and provide immediate results. Some of the ways to healthcare organizations can improve behavioral health staffing include:

  • Implementing new approaches to training
  • Increasing pay
  • Providing more advanced career opportunities
  • Recruiting workers who are facing barriers to gainful employment
  • Making a commitment to focus on the mental well-being of their workers

These are not overnight solutions for the behavioral health staffing issues your organization may be facing, nor are they easy to achieve, particularly in light of economic uncertainty.

Finding the Right Staff for a Behavioral Health Treatment Center

When it comes to finding the right staff for a behavioral health treatment center, technology has the power to attract and retain employees, thanks in large part to modern software solutions and medical records infrastructure can help reduce workplace stress, improve job performance, and ultimately result in healthier patient outcomes.

Unfortunately, behavioral health providers often lag behind technologically. Sunwave Health can help your organization compete for the best employees and then provide them with the modern tools to give the utmost care to their patients. Thanks to enterprise EMR software for substance abuse treatment and behavioral health staffing, your employees can:

  • Reduce or eliminate errors
  • Make more efficient use of their time on the clock
  • Provide quicker care to more patients
  • Utilize telehealth care to improve patient treatment access
  • Connect care provided by primary care doctors and behavioral health treatment centers
  • Access patient medical records on mobile devices
  • Achieve better patient outcomes

Learn More at Sunwave Health

Behavioral health staffing is likely a concern for your organization to grow and flourish today. Finding the right staff for a behavioral health treatment center is your first order of business, but retaining them is a close second. Sunwave Health’s technology can help you make your staff’s jobs easier. Learn how we can play a vital role in your staffing needs today by calling us 561.576.6037 or reaching out online to learn how our infrastructure sets us apart to drive healthy results for healthcare providers and patients.