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Introducing MARA: Revolutionizing Behavioral Health Documentation

Sunwave Health is excited to introduce MARA, a groundbreaking innovation in behavioral health compliance and documentation. Built on our dedication to modernizing healthcare technology, MARA is set to revolutionize how clinicians handle patient care, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and better outcomes. This means improved patient care, better outcomes, and reduced compliance risk.

Press Release:

Sunwave Health Revolutionizes Behavioral Health Documentation with MARA, the AI Assistant

Sunwave Health, a leader in healthcare technology, proudly announces the launch of MARA, a patent-pending, innovative AI Agent designed to transform the landscape of behavioral health documentation. Since its launch on October 25, 2023, MARA has already made a significant impact by documenting over 100,000 patient sessions with thi

s groundbreaking technology.

The MARA Advantage:

  • Ensured Compliance: MARA tackles the risk of non-compliance by eliminating copy-and-paste documentation habits, guaranteeing therapy notes adhere to stringent standards.
  • Improved Patient Outcomes: By alleviating administrative burdens, MARA fosters deeper clinician-patient connections and trust, directly contributing to superior patient outcomes.
  • Efficient Note-Taking: With MARA, the focus shifts back to what matters most—providing top-tier care for patients.

Client Testimonial:

Jimmy Campbell, Chief Operating Officer at Freeman Recovery, shares his insights: “MARA has revolutionized our documentation and compliance, significantly speeding up the process and alleviating clinician burden. We’re keeping up with our 24-hour deadlines, and it’s not overwhelming for our team anymore. Most crucially, it’s freed up more time for client care, transforming patient interaction profoundly.”

Future Expansion:

MARA represents just the beginning of Sunwave Health’s ambitious vision. Planned expansions will integrate MARA further into our unified platform, enhancing patient data and operational efficiencies across the board. Diego Soloaga, SVP of Product Management at Sunwave Health, comments, ‘The adoption and positive feedback for MARA reaffirm our leading role in mental health innovation. We’re excited to keep advancing the field.’

Founder’s Insights:

Elie Levy, Founder/CEO of Sunwave Health, introduces MARA as a revolutionary AI agent, stating, “MARA is not just a tool for documenting patient sessions; it’s a revolutionary platform that empowers healthcare professionals to provide better, more personalized care.”


Sunwave Health invites behavioral health professionals and organizations to join the MARA revolution and experience the transformative capabilities of this cutting-edge Generative AI tool.

Freeman Recovery Corporate Summary:

Located in Dickson, Tennessee, Freeman Recovery specializes in evidence-based treatment for substance use and mental health disorders and is accredited by the Joint Commission. For more information about Freeman Recovery, visit

Sunwave Health Corporate Summary:

Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Sunwave Health provides innovative healthcare technology solutions, focusing on the behavioral health industry. For more information about MARA and Sunwave Health, visit

For media inquiries, please contact:

Todd Schlosser, Director of Marketing, Sunwave Health, 615-209-9777

Are you ready to see everything MARA is already doing on the Sunwave platform? Schedule a demo now: [Click here to Schedule a Demo]