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Sunwave Introduces Telehealth: Your Solution for Virtual Behavioral Health Treatment

computer monitor featuring smiling young man is adjacent to a laptop and tablet, showing how all devices can be used simultaneously in virtual behavioral health treatment

The team at Sunwave is very excited to announce the launch of our new Telehealth solution, which enables behavioral treatment facilities to provide virtual care, anytime and anywhere. With Telehealth, you’ll be able to host individual or group sessions all while your team and patients join from the comfort of their own homes. As we all face the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, it is critical to offer alternate methods of connecting, and ultimately Telehealth is here to stay.

What is Telehealth?


Telehealth is the use of technology to provide patient care from long distance. These days, video conferencing is the main component that providers are leveraging to perform patient check-ins and follow-ups.

Telehealth for behavioral health provides all of the following virtually:


  • Remote patient admissions
  • Individual, one-on-one therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Patient check-ins
  • Alumni follow up

What are the benefits of Telehealth?


There are many benefits to Telehealth, including more accessibility and convenience. Of course, in this time dealing with COVID-19, Telehealth will help keep your patients and team members safer from contracting the virus. Your patients will also be able to attend sessions from the comfort of their homes, leading to better show rates and interaction. Plus, you’ll be able to reach patients who are isolated, have limited mobility, or are without good transportation options.

What guidelines do I need to follow to provide Telehealth services?


As AHIP states, “The same privacy rules that apply to face-to-face doctor appointments also apply to virtual visits.” Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your Telehealth solution is up-to-date and meets HIPAA compliance standards. It may also be essential to obtain consent before conducting a Telehealth session – requirements vary by state and insurance provider. Finally, your team must make sure that services are medically appropriate and that you’re fully licensed in the state of the patient you’re treating.

Why Sunwave Telehealth?


Sunwave’s Telehealth solution offers a HIPAA-compliant way for your team to conduct individual sessions and group therapy sessions, all while documenting the process. Our solution is both desktop and mobile-friendly, guaranteeing that you can treat your patients anytime and anywhere. With high-resolution video, real-time audio, and online chat, your team will be fully equipped to host successful sessions. In addition, you’ll have a team of software experts here to support you 24/7.

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