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Sunwave Launches Patient Engagement, Telehealth Mobile App, and New Corporate Website Amidst Substantial Q1 Growth

Delray Beach, FL (Newswire) July 2, 2020 – Premier software provider for substance abuse and behavioral health treatment centers, Sunwave, is excited to announce the launch of their Telehealth mobile app, Patient Engagement module, and new corporate website – all while experiencing substantial growth. In the first quarter of 2020, Sunwave delivered over a 550% increase in sales, added 20% more staff, and considerably expanded its platform capabilities. Sunwave has launched a Telehealth mobile app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With this application, users can join a Telehealth session from their Apple or Android devices and participate in one-on-one or group sessions no matter where they are. While in session, users can view all participants simultaneously in tiles or view full video of the current speaker, giving users the experience they prefer. Additionally, users can use text chat while in Telehealth sessions, allowing them to engaging individuals or the entire group without interrupting the live interaction. Patient Engagement, a tool to manage communications, payments, and documentation with patients online, has also just been released. With Patient Engagement, Sunwave users can take care of everything they need in the patient journey, digitally. Patients can review, complete, and sign forms from anywhere, giving them the ultimate comfort and convenience. Plus, with Sunwave’s payment gateway, patients can choose from a variety of payment methods to cover their bills. Throughout the process, the Sunwave Patient Engagement dashboard will show each item’s status – whether it is unopened, opened, or completed with a date and time stamp – enabling users to have a birds-eye view of the journey stage. This new module will help facilities lower costs and improve efficiency and collections by reducing manual input, payment processing, follow up, and reconciliation efforts. “We recognize that many substance abuse treatment facilities are transitioning to include more digital services, such as Telehealth options,” said Elie Levy, CEO. “We wanted to provide our users with a way to manage the entire process online, from invite to documentation and payment. Now, when there is an upcoming Telehealth session or other digital interaction scheduled for groups or individuals, facilities can manage consent forms and other documentation. They can also collect payment upfront or post-session with our proprietary payment gateway, effectively closing the loop on the entire process online and giving patients the option of treatment from anywhere. These developments allow us to focus more of our time on the most important thing of all: helping people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.” In addition, Sunwave has just launched a new corporate website that features updated branding and content along with online chat, where you can interact directly with one of their platform experts. Schedule a demo or browse through the expanded content, which dives deeper into the features and benefits of each module within the Sunwave platform. Well-known for its dynamic reporting capabilities and consistent innovation, Sunwave provides facilities a comprehensive platform to manage the entire patient lifecycle and foster effective customer relationships. With data across all the modules, leaders can leverage the single data source to report on any facet. About Sunwave: Sunwave is a leading technology provider for behavioral health treatment centers. Its unified treatment platform includes behavioral health EMR, CRM, RCM, and Alumni Management software, with built-in Telehealth capabilities. Designed specifically for the treatment industry, Sunwave empowers treatment centers to manage all of their operations in a single, unified platform – with a 360° patient view. The powerful capabilities of Sunwave allow users to make informed decisions that position their businesses and patients for success. To learn more about their product and services, visit