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Sunwave, the Leading Technology Provider for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, Introduces New Social Collaboration Tool

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Leading provider of enterprise software for Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment Centers, Sunwave today announced the launch of Wave, a new social collaboration feature enabling real-time collaboration and exchange of information across departments. Available to users of Sunwave’s substance abuse HR, EMR, CRM, RCM, and Billing software, Wave is designed to increase productivity, improve patient outcomes, and help achieve TMT behavioral integration.

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (PRWEB) February 05, 2018

Sunwave, a leading national provider of integrated CRM, EMR, RCM, HR, and Billing software for substance abuse treatment centers, is pleased to introduce a new social networking feature called Wave. Designed to empower clients to improve patient outcomes, increase productivity, and achieve TMT behavioral integration, Wave offers real-time collaboration ability across employees, departments, and processes.

Sunwave’s new social collaboration tool enables team members within a treatment facility to “wave” at each other, sharing, important notifications, treatment updates, and other useful details. The feature is available to all users of Sunwave’s suite of cutting-edge substance abuse EMR, CRM, RCM, HR, and Billing software.

“We are very excited to introduce the Wave capability to our clients,” said Elie Levy, Founder and CEO of Sunwave. “We have built Sunwave from the ground up to equip substance abuse treatment centers across the United States with a fully integrated platform that allows them to be agile, efficient, and responsive to their clients’ needs. Our new social collaboration feature will take these capabilities to an even higher level by improving interdepartmental communication across all modules.”

Utilized by treatment centers across the country, the Sunwave EMR Platform incorporates substance abuse CRM and EMR, as well as substance abuse RCM, Billing, and HR software under the same umbrella, eliminating information silos and allowing users to see all data points through a central database. From patient acquisition, to managing resources, to measuring patient outcomes, Sunwave creates an unprecedented streamlining of data and processes across all departments, enabling businesses to monitor their ROI in real time.

About Sunwave, LLC

Sunwave is a leading software provider for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers. Its fully integrated platform includes substance abuse EMR, CRM, RCM, HR, and Billing software. Built from the ground up for addiction treatment, it empowers treatment centers to manage all of their EMR and EHR operations in a single, unified platform. With the powerful reporting capabilities of Sunwave, users are able to make informed decisions that position their businesses for success. To learn more, visit: