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Best Practices for Behavioral Health Referrals

a clinician adheres to best practices for behavioral health referrals when referring patients out for treatment

Referrals are a crucial part of building a behavioral healthcare brand and serving patients. They are also a way to build partnerships with other healthcare organizations to help serve patients most effectively. Receiving referrals can be a sign of patient trust, brand recognition, and treatment success stories. Referring patients to other providers can also strengthen patient trust. Referrals are one of the best ways to reduce stigmas around mental health and behavioral health treatment, helping more people seek and receive accessible treatment and care.

If you need tools for behavioral health admissions departments like CRM for mental health treatment and streamlined referral tracking, Sunwave Health can help. Learn more about our behavioral health software tools by calling us at 561.576.6037 to see how we can help your business and patients thrive.

Understanding the Value of CRM for Mental Health Treatment

CRM or customer relationship management focuses on provider-patient relationships and forging connections with potential patients through referrals. CRM can help manage data, streamline communication, and stay connected with patients rather than being inundated with data analysis and paperwork. In the behavioral health sector, an effective CRM focuses on the patient’s entire journey, no matter how winding.

A customer relationship management system streamlines logistics from finances to follow-ups to free up provider time for more face-to-face work with patients. It can also increase understanding of patients and better evaluate ROI and referral sources, and help providers meet best practices in mental and behavioral healthcare.

Best Practices for Behavioral and Mental Health Referrals

Connecting with the right referral partners is essential to a healthy referral program. Ensuring a clear message across platforms and analyzing data to prevent over-saturating the market is key in behavioral and mental health, like other sectors. Secure CRM is essential for building trust with referral partners and future patients.

For best practices in mental health referrals, it’s important to remember that patients often need help immediately and may be in crisis. During the initial intake, it’s essential to gauge whether you can serve the patient at this time, or whether one of your partner businesses is better suited for the patient’s current needs. A streamlined intake system with live digital records can help you receive referrals and refer patients to other service providers in real-time. It’s also important to evaluate referral partnerships often to ensure that best practices for patient privacy, care, and efficiency are being met.

Improve Your CRM and Increase Referral Conversions with Software Integration

Referrals are integral to thriving behavioral health practices. They can be a great ROI and a way to partner with other healthcare organizations and agencies. Integrating referrals in your records system is essential for saving time and helping patients when they need it most. At Sunwave Health, we make referrals and partnerships easy with our integrated software. Our management software provides integrated tools focused on value-based care that follows a patient’s entire journey. Our CRM software helps providers:

  • Manage customer relations, including referrals, booking, and billing
  • Keep and manage secure electronic records that meet HIPPA guidelines
  • Manage revenue cycles and assess ROI
  • Manage alumni and re-entry to focus on a patient’s entire treatment cycle

At Sunwave Health, we know addiction and behavioral health treatment aren’t linear. That’s why tracking a patient’s journey is vital to treatment planning. Our easy-to-use interface provides patients and providers with responsive software they can trust.

Learn More About How Sunwave Health Can Track and Increase Your Referrals

We’re here to drive healthy results and increase patient trust throughout their treatment. If you’re looking to focus on patient experience and increase referrals, Sunwave Health can help. Call us now at 561.576.6037 or fill out our online contact form to find out how our software can help you.