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Creating a Behavioral Health Admissions Checklist

an intake clinician creates a behavioral health admissions checklist with sunwave health

In behavioral healthcare, there are two types of admissions checklists; one helps the patient share information for treatment, and the other helps practitioners complete enrollment and begin treatment. Both admission checklists are critical first steps patients and providers take toward treatment and building a healthy, trusting relationship. An essential tool for behavioral health admission departments, creating a comprehensive and effective checklist for addiction treatment and mental health treatment admissions can help patients and providers thrive throughout treatment.

If you need tools for behavioral health admissions departments, like comprehensive checklist guidelines and an integrated digital support system, Sunwave Health can help. Learn more about our behavioral health software tools by calling us at 561.576.6037 to save time and money.

Importance of Behavioral Health Admissions Checklists

Whether your patients seek addiction treatment or mental healthcare, the admissions checklist can provide your clinical team with vital information from health history to medication and previous treatment plans. Patient admission checklists also provide clients with a place to share their experiences and prioritize their treatment needs. They can help advocate for patient needs like social workers, housing, and other resources that lower barriers to care. Provider checklists also prevent delays in billing and other infrastructure issues, allowing providers to focus on patient care. Patient admissions checklists are required in both addiction treatment and mental health treatment as a tool for providing a standard of care in behavioral health.

Creating Behavioral Health Admissions Checklists

Admissions checklists may seem like a standard part of behavioral health practices. They also provide the opportunity to establish a healthy working relationship between patients and practitioners while standardizing a provider’s brand and values. Unfortunately for some, patient checklists can seem overwhelming. Whether on paper or through digital portals, it’s sometimes difficult to get the information clinicians need to move forward in the admissions process. Here are some things to consider when creating provider and patient checklists:

  • Integrate necessary checklists for state regulatory agencies for adolescents, veterans, and other specific patient groups.
  • Streamline intake software for users and practitioners to strengthen your brand and increase trust with users.
  • Remember that human error is a common part of patient admissions; account for this with more one-on-one admissions support for patients.
  • Get to know the insurance possibilities and common language to avoid medical jargon during admissions.
  • Streamline and clarify checklist differences for each program to help patients understand PHP, IOP, and residential options for addiction and mental health treatment.
  • Clarify HIPPA and patient privacy to build trust without overwhelming patients.

The more streamlined and personalized the admissions process, the more likely a patient will complete treatment. It’s important to remember the admissions process can be overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. Technical jargon can go over many patients’ heads. By streamlining your admission checklists, you can spend more time connecting with patients and seeing that their individual needs are met.

Tools for Your Behavioral Health Admissions Department

Admissions checklists are a tenant in addition and mental health treatment. The right software can help your admissions team provide the best care, saving your business time and money while improving patient trust and success.

At Sunwave Health, our integrated software saves your staff time and money. From lead capture to admissions and collections, our software keeps track of everything in one place. Our electronic tools provide integrated tools that enable the core components of value-based care focused on a patient’s entire journey in the behavioral health sector. Our software helps providers:

  • Manage customer relations
  • Keep and manage secure electronic records
  • Manage revenue cycles and assess ROI
  • Manage alumni and re-entry to focus on a patient’s entire treatment cycle

Sunwave can save patients and practitioners time and money, build brand recognition, and build trust from patient privacy to treatment plans. If you’re ready to focus on patient experience and streamline your business software, we can help.

Learn More About Sunwave’s Admission Checklists

Take the headache out of multiple user platforms and help your patients thrive. Call us now at 561.576.6037 to find out how Sunwave Health can help you provide the best value-based care. You can also reach us through our online contact form.