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Effective Customer Relationship Management for Behavioral Health Providers

Effective Customer Relationship Management for Behavioral Health Providers

Most behavioral health providers frequently see hundreds if not thousands of patients, and keeping track of every interaction can quickly become a record-keeping nightmare. Sunwave Health’s customer relationship management (CRM) software saves the day by giving your company the technology you need to manage all client & patient relationships with ease. There has never been a more straightforward way to build up your client/patient relationships and communicate with them on an individual level, showing your care and commitment to their well-being and successful recovery.

Why Sunwave CRM?

Sunwave Health’s CRM platform is built with one goal in mind – to help behavioral and mental health providers, including SUD treatment, deliver better patient care with the assistance of enterprise technology to minimize mistakes and issues to minimize mistakes and issues.

How Sunwave Health Helps Behavioral Health Providers

  • Sunwave is a HIPAA-compliant, reliable, and secure platform that ensures your operations are available and protected 24/7, around the clock.
  • The CRM helps you understand the effectiveness of your marketing by assisting with tracking and revenue attribution from referral sources.
  • Our platform lets your organization see the full extent of your operations with one data source, allowing your team to run reports across EMR, CRM, RCM, and Alumni.
  • Using the Sunwave platform, you’ll be able to effectively manage medication by submitting scripts, receiving alerts, and signing approvals directly.
  • Keep your treatment facility in compliance with form signature audits and automated alerts.
  • Monitor and track the success of your patients after they’ve completed their treatment programs.
  • Ensure better collections rates and processing using the Sunwave billing validation engine, validating that your claims are clean.
  • Receive support directly from behavioral health, veterans and industry experts by reaching out to the Sunwave team of technology.

Become more efficient as a behavioral health provider by optimizing your billing and collections efforts, embracing the ease and simplicity of the Sunwave platform, and quickly getting a technology expert with industry experience on the phone if you run into issues or require assistance.

If your organization seeks to deliver better patient care, schedule a demo today to see how the Sunwave Health CRM can help you achieve your goals as a behavioral health provider.

Direct electronic medical record (EMR) connection

By utilizing Sunwave’s EMR system, your team will have a secure, reliable platform on which you can manage all of your patient care with ease.

Manage all of your signatures, documentation, group notes, medications, and relevant records with the click of a mouse. Our EMR will help your organization stay compliant and optimize all of your treatment plans, giving your patients the best chance of recovering successfully.

Reduce the time of admission for new patients with our patient-centric electronic medical records system that ensures information flows naturally from one form to the next. With our efficient intake forms, there’s no need to repeatedly ask your patients for the same information.

Any prior patient admissions are recorded and stored in the Sunwave EMR system which is secure and well-protected and naturally flowing forward into all future admissions. Let your team focus on getting your patient on the road to recovery, and help your team efficiently manage their time by only focusing on information that has changed from prior patient admissions.

Link billing and admissions

The Sunwave Health Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system allows your billing team to process claims with ease, optimize your collection efforts, and provide insights and transparency into your organization’s revenue cycle.

Optimize your billing by using a reliable, secure platform that ensures you are consistently submitting clean claims. Whether you are billing in-house or utilizing an outsourced billing company, Sunwave integrates with billing providers to provide reliable tracking and unified reporting in one system. Say goodbye to sending and receiving Excel spreadsheets.

Using Sunwave’s Master Census, your team will be able to instantly see an overview of all signatures and authorizations, helping them quickly assess what needs completion to make sure your claims are successful.

The Sunwave RCM is designed to help your organization ensure each claim sent from your facility is clean and gets paid quickly.

Quickly & easily send text messages

Communicating with your patients through SMS text messages is a great way to add a personal touch and build the client-provider relationship.

The Sunwave CRM has two-way text message functionality that allows your team to communicate with your patients via SMS. Each conversation is tracked in the patient record, allowing you to see the history of all past communications quickly.

Track client interactions

Understanding the history and context of all interactions between your team and patients is essential for building the provider-patient relationship. It can also help your company measure campaigns and referral sources to track your ROI quantitatively.

The Sunwave CRM gives your organization the ability to understand your potential clients better, have all of the information you need to analyze your best referral sources, and track essential contacts and outreach related to potential patients.

As a behavioral health provider using the Sunwave CRM, your team can identify the highest performing sources for your organization and double down on what’s working best when you track and attribute revenue by source.

Monitor business development interactions & productivity

Sunwave’s Top Customer Service Certified customer relationship management platform will allow your team to quickly see all your potential clients in the funnel/pipeline through the workflow kanban board when pursuing business development opportunities.

Additionally, with Sunwave CRM’s visibility into billing filtered by campaigns and referral partners, you’ll see a true and accurate picture of your organization’s return on investment and where you should focus your business development efforts.

Increase your team’s productivity and the business opportunities they pursue daily by allowing them to collaborate within the Sunwave CRM system.

The CRM Behavioral Health Providers Need

Behavioral health providers who utilize the Sunwave CRM platform to its full potential help their patients remain on the road to recovery while maintaining a solid grasp on new business, patient contacts, revenue and boosting KPI’s. It’s the best way to maintain the relationships you’ve built and have the data you need to strengthen your patient’s trust in your organization and pursue business development opportunities in the pipeline.

One single platform without multiple logins

The Sunwave Health platform keeps all of your data securely in the cloud and lets your team log in with ease using single sign-on (SSO). No more juggling multiple logins and dealing with complex technology – the Sunwave platform is designed to be easily accessible by your team, helping them stay productive and on task.

Patient engagement

Keep your patients engaged by speaking with them through messages on the Sunwave platform, emails, phone calls, and even two-way text messages. Connect with your contacts in the way they want to communicate, and manage all of your patient communications in one single location.

Reporting that’s linked to your financials

Using the Sunwave CRM platform, obtaining financial reports for your organization has never been easier. The Sunwave Financial Module helps your organization report on and manage your accounting activities effectively. Your team will be able to see a comprehensive report that includes charts of accounts, credits and debits, and your general ledger. You’ll have a clear picture of your facility’s financial health at any point in time, making it easier to focus on the revenue-driving activities that truly matter to your organization.

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The Sunwave Health CRM platform was built to help SUD treatment and behavioral health providers deliver improved patient care and communication through a single platform. If your facility is ready to improve the provider-patient relationship and help your patients stay on the road to recovery, schedule a demo of the Sunwave CRM today!

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