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How Admissions Affects Behavioral Health Clinical Outcomes

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Admission to a behavioral health treatment facility is a critical point in the patient’s recovery process. It can be a time when patients are most vulnerable, at the highest risk of no-shows, and need access to the best care possible. However, the admissions process at many facilities can often affect patient outcomes. Considering how the admissions process affects behavioral health treatment outcomes, ways in which facilities can improve their admissions process to better serve patients should be implemented.

The admissions process can be quite complex, but more than anything, it requires great attention to detail and accuracy in capturing patient data. Sunwave Health offers behavioral health admissions software as part of a unified, data-driven platform. Schedule a demo today and learn how we can improve your admissions process and your patient outcomes.

How the Admissions Process Affects Addiction Treatment Outcomes

Admission into an addiction treatment facility can impact a patient’s recovery success in several ways.

  • The accuracy of the patient’s data is critical to make an accurate diagnosis and create an effective treatment plan
  • The admissions process can be daunting and overwhelming for patients, which can lead to them dropping out of treatment
  • Facilities that have a streamlined admissions process are more likely to see positive outcomes from their patients

These factors come into play at this critical juncture in the recovery process and can impact patient outcomes unexpectedly. For example, inaccuracies and omissions in patient data can lead to misdiagnoses and treatment orders that are not adequately tailored to the patient’s needs.

One solution to this problem is to use behavioral health admission software, like Sunwave Health’s platform. Our comprehensive admissions software collects and organizes patient data, allowing clinicians to make better-informed decisions about treatment plans that will lead to improved clinical outcomes.

At Sunwave Health, our team of experts is committed to helping patients achieve their best possible outcomes in recovery. If you want a more effective way to conduct your admissions process, contact us today to schedule a demo and learn more about how our software can help you achieve better clinical outcomes for your patients.

How Admissions Affects Mental Health Treatment Outcomes

When seeking treatment for a mental health disorder such as substance abuse, anxiety, PTSD, or bipolar disorder, the admissions experience sets the tone for the patient’s treatment and recovery. In addition to human error in entering patient data, some common complaints about the mental health admissions process are:

  • Difficulty navigating the process, leading to discontinuation of treatment before it even starts—often called a “no-show”
  • Lack of personalized care, resulting in a one-size-fits-all treatment approach that is not effective for all patients

However, there are steps that mental health facilities can take to improve their admissions process and ultimately improve patient outcomes. For example, implementing streamlined admissions software that collects accurate patient data can help clinicians make better-informed decisions about treatment plans.

At Sunwave Health, our team of experts is dedicated to helping patients achieve their best possible outcomes in mental health treatment. Our comprehensive mental health admissions software collects and organizes data to provide a more personalized approach to treatment that can lead to better clinical outcomes.

Reach Out to Sunwave Health for Better Admissions Solutions and Better Patient Outcomes

At Sunwave Health, our team of experts is committed to helping behavioral health providers deliver the best possible outcomes in behavioral health treatment. Our unified, data-driven software platform improves the admissions process by reducing inaccuracies, and inefficiencies, while ensuring patients receive personalized care that improves patient outcomes.

With electronic records management and customer relationship management, in addition to admissions and more, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools optimized for behavioral health treatment centers. Contact us today to schedule a demo.