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How Much Does an EMR Cost?

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Electronic medical records (EMR) have become the standard for health organizations and have transformed the way the healthcare industry cares for patients. If you are looking to upgrade the ways in which you keep records and communicate with patients and other stakeholders in their complete care journey, you may be wondering, how much does an EMR cost? Contact Sunwave Health today online or by calling us at 561.576.6037 to learn about our electronic medical records management software and how this complete treatment journey solution sets us apart.

What Are the Benefits of an EMR?

An electronic medical records system is an upgrade from the paper records of yesteryear. Each and every healthcare provider, from a family physician in a local office in a small town to a large hospital system in a big city, can benefit from implementing an EMR. Caring for patients throughout their entire journey becomes more efficient, and medical records are more secure when stored electronically. Here are a few of the ways a fully integrated EMR system may be beneficial for your organization.

  • Easy access to patient records and medical history
  • Increased efficiency
  • Accurate care
  • Portability of medical records
  • Better communication with pharmacies and other medical professionals
  • Improving the complete recovery journey

Electronic medical records management makes patient information more accessible and keeps it secure while maintaining patient privacy. Additionally, an EMR system makes charting easier and results in fewer documentation errors. These are just some of the reasons why healthcare organizations choose to implement an EMR. But you should know the answer to “how much does an EMR cost?” so you have an idea of what to expect when adopting this software.

How Much Does an EMR Cost?

While an EMR will often lead to increased revenue over time, the initial cost is the most significant barrier for most healthcare organizations.

So, how much does electronic medical records management cost? There’s no single, easy answer to this question. To estimate how much an EMR will cost your organization, it is important to consider the five main components of EMR implementation.

EMR Software

Potential EMR software costs include an application, interface modules, and upgrades to your EMR application.


The potential hardware needed to fully upgrade or install EMR software may include database servers, new computers, tablets or laptops, printers, and scanners.


Potential implementation assistance costs may involve an IT contractor, attorney, electrician, and/or consultants, in addition to:

  • Chart conversions
  • Hardware and network installation
  • Support with workflow redesign
  • Training

To maximize the EMR system and benefit from the efficiency it can help promote, your entire staff will need to be thoroughly trained before and during its implementation. Each member of your organization should understand how to use the EMR system and its associated hardware to be comfortable in understanding any new workflows that have been introduced into their jobs.

Ongoing Maintenance and Fees

Potential ongoing costs include hardware and software license agreements, maintenance, ongoing education, and telecom and IT support fees.

New Staff

One of the costs some organizations fail to consider is the need to hire new staff members. This could include new:

  • IT operations staff
  • Clinical data analysts
  • Application analysts

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Even though the upfront cost can be a barrier to an EMR system, there are many benefits to ways in which patients are better cared for and the increased profitability of your business over time. Contact Sunwave Health by calling us 561.576.6037 or reach out online to learn more about how much our fully integrated system will cost your organization and how we can help you deliver healthy results for your patients.