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The Importance of Protecting Patient Privacy

a clinician reviews medical confidentiality laws to better protect patient privacy

Patient privacy is an essential component of legal and safe behavioral health practices. It’s also critical in building trust with patients and meeting state and federal guidelines. Managing patient records can often be a headache for staff and clinicians. Finding the right behavioral health electronic records management system can make record keeping safer and easier, keeping both patients and providers feeling safe.

If you’re ready to learn more about patient privacy with behavioral health electronic record management, Sunwave Health can help. Learn more about our software tools by calling us at 561.576.6037 to improve your behavioral health programs and your patient’s trust.

The Importance of Protecting Patient Privacy in Behavioral Health

Patient privacy islegally essential to building trust with a patient, especially in behavioral and mental healthcare. Stigmas can make it difficult for patients to seek treatment and establish trust with providers. Patients who trust clinicians and behavioral health providers are more likely to stick with a treatment plan and program. For those booking online, communicating with providers through online messaging systems, and seeing clinicians in telehealth visits, internet privacy is a top concern.

HIPAA guidelines and substance use-specific data privacy acts work to serve and protect patients and providers. But they can also be very confusing, especially when patients are minors, incapacitated, or a danger to themselves or others. Ensuring confidentiality, record protection, and privacy are essential for providers and patients.

How to Protect Patient Privacy

While HIPPA compliance is a critical component in today’s behavioral healthcare field, helping patients understand their privacy rights, how to access records, and who can view their records is also important. Patients often overlook HIPPA forms as they sign them. Jargon, long disclosures, and short appointments can gloss over important privacy rights. Fears about digital records and digital healthcare platforms can also make patients uneasy.

Upgrading and streamlining software is one of the best ways for providers to support patient privacy. Secure, reliable, and fully responsive software can increase privacy and prevent data leaks. A secure online system can be more valuable than traditional record keeping. It can help patients re-enroll, integrate with other healthcare professionals, and help patients get the care they need more quickly. It can also free up time for clinicians and staff. Improved, integrated software can also help with medication management and patient safety.

When patients encounter an easy-to-use system, less medical jargon, and straightforward discussions about their privacy rights, they are more likely to feel at ease in treatment. This gives clinicians and patients more time to focus on treatment.

Behavioral Health Electronic Records Management for Your Patients’ Privacy

In the digital age, privacy is a top concern for most patients. Whether or not they understand their privacy rights, it’s important to build trust with secure electronic records management. By switching to streamlined records software, clinicians save time and can increase ROI while increasing patient retention and satisfaction. With the right behavioral health electronic records management software, everyone wins.

At Sunwave Health, we pair patient privacy with the provider’s needs. Our electronic records management software provides integrated tools focused on outcomes across the patient’s entire journey. Our software helps providers:

  • Manage customer relations
  • Keep and manage secure electronic records
  • Manage revenue cycles and assess ROI
  • Manage alumni and re-entry to focus on a patient’s entire treatment cycle

With data and security patients and providers can trust delivered through a responsive software platform, we’re here to drive healthy results and increase patient trust throughout their treatment. If you’re looking to focus on patient experience and increase privacy protection, Sunwave Health can help.

Learn More About Improving Patient Privacy With Sunwave Now

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