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Is Your EMR Mobile-Friendly?

a client has no trouble accessing his behavioral health providers mobile emr

Over the last three years, mobile health apps and telehealth have become integral to the behavioral health and integrated health sectors. This has increased an EHR demand for responsive, mobile-friendly apps designed specifically for behavioral health patient management and interfacing. Finding the right software for scheduling, record maintenance, and invoicing is essential to improving patient retention and security, especially in the age of mobile-friendly EMR.

If you’re looking for mobile-friend electronic medical records management, we can help. The team at Sunwave Health offers an integrated and comprehensive behavioral health software platform to increase efficiency in operations, financial management, and patient retention, including mobile-friendly EMR. Learn more about Sunwave Health’s behavioral health electronic records management tools today by calling us at 561.576.6037 to get started.

What Is Mobile-Friendly Electronic Medical Records Management?

Mobile-friendly electronic medical records (EMR) management is a system for storing and managing patient medical records electronically, using software optimized for mobile devices. This allows healthcare providers to access patient records and enter data on their smartphones or tablets rather than being limited to using a desktop computer or laptop.

Meeting HIPPA compliance, providing clients with accessible records, and easy referrals are essential for business and patient success. With the rise in telehealth and mobile access to appointments, billing, and provider-patient communications, mobile-friendly EMRs are increasingly important. Provider apps can give patients and clinicians secure, HIPPA-compliant record management for booking, billing, and essential education and communication.

Benefits of Mobile-Friendly EMR for Patients and Providers

Mobile-friendly EMR is behavioral health’s present and future. While the demand for telehealth and mobile health apps began before COVID-19, the need for increased telehealth has increased the demand and benefits of mobile-friendly EMR and secure healthcare communications. By ensuring your behavioral health medical records management works with patient’s smartphones and tablets, your practice can:

  • Improved access to patient records: Mobile-friendly EMR systems allow providers to access patient records from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. This can be particularly useful for providers who work in multiple locations or who need to access records while on the go.
  • Increased efficiency: Mobile-friendly EMR systems can streamline the process of accessing and entering patient data, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and allowing providers to focus more on patient care.
  • Improved accuracy: Mobile-friendly EMR systems can help to reduce errors by providing alerts for discrepancies in patient data and allowing providers to easily review and update records.
  • Enhanced security: Mobile-friendly EMR systems typically have strong security measures in place to protect patient data, such as encryption and access controls.

The rise in mobile-friendly demands for behavioral health will continue as more value-based, integrative healthcare becomes available. Mobile-friendly EMR is a great way to stay ahead of trends with easy-to-use responsive software.

Improve Your Behavioral Health Mobile-Friendly EMR

If you’re not sure your EMR is mobile-friendly, our team can help. The Sunwave platform manages every process, from lead capture and admissions to collections. Our easy-to-use EMR works seamlessly across tablets, PCs, and smartphones to help patients and providers stay connected on our secure platform. Sunwave can help behavioral health providers improve the following:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Track, record, and easily access HIPAA-compliant EMR
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Alumni and re-entry management
  • Medication management
  • Easy patient-provider communication
  • Accessible, mobile-friendly treatment options

The Sunwave platform manages every process of your behavioral health admin, from lead capture and admissions to collections. Our platform is at the forefront of accessible, value-based care with mobile-friendly software that integrates patients’ entire treatment journey, including treatment breaks and re-entry. With infrastructure patients and providers can trust, we’re here to drive beneficial results for patients and providers thanks to our mobile-friendly EMR.

Learn More About Improving Your Behavioral Health EMR with Sunwave Health

Is your EMR mobile friendly? Sunwave is here to help patients and providers stay connected across devices. Our integrated software is here to help your behavioral health business thrive. Call us now at 561.576.6037 to learn more about how Sunwave can help you stay mobile-friendly. You can also reach us through our online contact form.