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When to Change Your EMR

a person reviews medical records on a computer possibly wondering when to change your emr

Replacing your (electronic medical record) EMR software may be a disruptive project, but it’s one with a multitude of benefits for your patients and your business as a whole. Knowing when to change your EMR is something only you can answer, but there are a few reasons your healthcare organizations would benefit from a change.

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When to Change Your EMR

Are you wondering when to change your electronic medical records management system? The time could be right now, but there are things to consider for you change your EMR. Not only does this process require a financial investment, but an electronic medical record change involves retraining your staff, migrating data, and bracing for technical issues that may arise. And yet there are many compelling reasons to move away from your organization’s current EMR, including:

  • Poor system performance
  • Lack of critical functionality
  • Limited mobile site
  • No vendor support

Let’s take a look at when to change your EMR and why you should upgrade to Sunwave Health’s platform to drive healthy results for your patients, staff, and your business.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your EMR

There are numerous signs pointing to when to change your EMR. Because technology is always advancing and the healthcare industry’s rules and regulations are also being updated, you may be wondering when to change electronic medical records management to better serve your patients, support your staff, and generate more income through value-based care for your organization. Here are some of the signs that you may want to consider a change to your EMR.

Your Current System Is Too Inefficient

Do you notice that productivity lags, and users are becoming frustrated by the ways in which they must find and enter data into your EMR? This is a clear sign that your electronic medical record system may be dated and inefficient. Sunwave Health’s EMR platform will enhance your team’s productivity thanks to smart infrastructure delivering quality health outcomes as well as delivering business outcomes to save time and money.

Your System Has Compatibility Issues

Has your current EMR vendor been slack in providing support and updates to their platform and its applications? If so, your organization may be encountering an increasing number of incompatibilities. This is a very common complaint, and if your vendor is not responding quickly to your issues, this is a bright red flag for when to change your EMR. Neither your staff nor your patients can afford to suffer through an electronic medical records system that is not able to manage the complete treatment journey seamlessly.

The System Can No Longer Grow with Your Business

As your business grows, you need an EMR that can grow with you. The technology and communication needs you have today are different and more complex than when you first established your EMR. If your current system cannot accommodate the patient’s need or regulatory need for enhancements, this could be when you know that it’s time to change your EMR.

Lack of Mobile Access

Your medical professionals are busy and may have the need to access your EMR on a mobile device. If your current system doesn’t support mobile apps or if the options are limited for viewing patient data, your EMR is costing your business time and money by restricting productivity and reducing efficiency.

You’re Not Happy

Sometimes, the best answer for when to change electronic medical records management is when you simply are not happy with it. This could be for some or all of the reasons listed above or something else entirely, but if the EMR is no longer serving your organization’s needs, it’s time to partner with Sunwave Gealth to find a complete, modern, and flexible system that will efficiently provide exactly what your healthcare organization needs today, and will grow with your business.

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If you’re asking when to change your EMR, you likely need to consider some new solutions for your business. Contact Sunwave Health today by calling us 561.576.6037 or reaching out online to learn how our infrastructure sets us apart to drive healthy results for healthcare providers and patients.